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Our philosophy

  • know your customer
  • understand your customer's goals
  • follow the standards and rules
  • know when to break the rules
  • know why you break the rules
  • know how to break the rules
  • be consistent
  • be creative and original
  • be friendly
  • understand what you are doing
  • make the customer understand what you are doing
  • follow a process
  • don't be rigid
  • make it fun
  • be very serious about what you're doing
  • deliver on time
  • deliver what you promised
  • deliver whithin budget
  • be flexible
  • make your customer happy
  • dare to dream
  • go after your dreams
  • try it if it sounds great
  • do it if it makes sense
  • do what's feasible
  • do it at your best capability
  • expand your capability every day
  • learn, learn, learn
  • use what you learn
  • become more efficient with everything you're doing
  • involve your customers
  • have fun
  • make sure your customer has fun, too
  • be passionate
  • do it
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